Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Simple, honest pricing

We realise that when it comes to spending your hard earned cash on classic car hire there are plenty of options.  So at The Getaway Driver we believe in transparency and honesty.  We stick to a simple principle - the price you see is the full price you pay.
Instead of offering superficially low prices that exclude essential things you need when hiring a car, we show one price with everything included.  So when you book with The Getaway Driver you get:
  • Full 24 hours use for every day you book
  • Unlimited mileage (except certain high value cars)
  • Full nationwide AA breakdown cover
  • Administration and card processing
  • Comprehensive insurance for 1 driver
So when you compare prices between classic car hire companies, we recommend checking the small print.  In particular:
  • Is the hire AM to PM or full 24 hours?
  • Is there a mileage limit?  If so, how much extra for excess mileage?
  • Is there an administration fee?
  • What level of insurance is provided?
  • Is breakdown cover provided? If so, is it nationwide or geographically limited (which could be expensive if you break down)?
If you find a comparable package at a lower price The Getaway Driver offers a Price Match Promise.  Call us on 01527 893733 to find out more or visit
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Grab a road rally bargain

On Saturday July 2nd The Getaway Driver is teaming up with our sister company Great Escape Classic Car Hire off to frighten the wildlife on our first ever Great Escape Welsh Borders rally.  We’ve assembled a fleet of our favourite classic cars for a 180 mile circuit of the Welsh Borders, taking in some of our favourite roads in the region.

A Selection of the Break for the Border Rally Fleet

Great Escape Classic Car Hire Break for the Border Rally HMC HealeyGreat Escape Classic Car Hire Break for the Border Rally Alfa Romeo Spider 
HMC HealeyAlfa Romeo Spider
Great Escape Classic Car Hire Break for the Border Rally Jaguar E Type convertibleGreat Escape Classic Car Hire Break for the Border Rally Jensen Interceptor
Jaguar E TypeJensen Interceptor
You can join us on our brand new Break for the Border rally.  Places are limited but we’re offering them to Great Escape customers first at a special price.  You can book either yourself or bring a co-driver (or non-driving partner) and receive a further discount.
The cars we’ve lined up for the trip are:
  • HMC Healey
  • Jaguar E Type convertible
  • Ariel Atom
  • MGB V8 roadster
  • Jensen Interceptor
  • TVR Tuscan
  • Alfa Romeo Spider. 
But if there is a car you’d love to drive, just let us know and we’ll do our best to include it.
Classic Car Buyer magazine wrote a two page review of our Cotswolds rally in March 2011 concluding "The whole day was well organised...Great Escape has a fine concept on its hands and I hope the company does more of them.  It's the perfect present for any petrol head."

See what our customers said about our last rally - click here

The day will start at 9am and finish at about 5pm.  Every driver will have the chance to drive each car during the day.  The day includes breakfast, lunch, insurance, fuel and route maps and notes. 

Early Bird Bookings - save up to £120

If you decide to book during April the special Early Bird price is for 1 driver is is £295 for or £575 for 2 people.  The normal price after April is £345 for 1 driver or £695 for 2.
We can also arrange local overnight accommodation at special rates. 
To find out more email or call 01527 893733.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A little taste of Italy

Italy.  It's all about the food and the cars.  Ok, and a few dodgy politicians but at The Getaway Driver we don't get involved in such things.  Nope, we love Italy for its cars and pasta, things that are right up our autostrada, so we created a special Italian themed package to celebrate the little bit of Latin in all of us.  And of course we called it Bella Italia.
Our Bella Italia experience brings together an Alfa Romeo Spider, one of Italy's - maybe the world's - best sports cars, and some fine dining.  We've also included some appropriately romantic roads to create a day out to remember for just two.  Just pick up the keys to your Alfa from your choice of Getaway Driver start points in Yorkshire, Suffolk, Cotswolds or East Midlands.  We'll provide a day's driving route and arrange a lunch stop at a great local Italian restaurant we know.  Bellissimo.  As they say in Italy apparently.
We can't guarantee the sort of sunshine that ripens olives and tomatoes but with the top down on an Alfa Romeo Spider and some great British scenery, frankly not much else matters. The experience starts at 9am and finishes at 6pm and will include about 120 miles driving.
To find out more visit or call 01386 792056. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Discover the E Type Story

2011 just happens to be 50 years since the Jaguar E Type was unveiled to an unsuspecting audience.  That was right at the start of the 1960s, before everyone really got swinging and a-groovin.  Back then motoring excitement was confined to those new fangled Fords with their transatlantic styling. 
So it's fair to say that those first viewers probably found the sleek curves and pronounced bonnet bulge a little difficult to cope with.  Even now, 50 years on, the E Type is a symphony of swooping lines with an impossibly low roofline.  It is still voted the most desirable classic car of all time and in many respects has been a noose around Jaguar's neck.  The company tried to move away from the E Type's influence with the svelte XJS but even today you can see the cat-like pounce of the E Type echoed in the current XKR's lines.
With the E Type casting such a long shadow here at The Getaway Driver we thought we'd dust off the baubles and bring out the bunting to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Jaguar E Type in our own special way.  Weve created The E Type Story, which is a driving experience with a twist.  Over a weekend The E Type Story gives you the chance to drive the original E Type and two of its successors - all in their ultimate guises.  So you drive a Series 3 V12 E Type, V12 XJS convertible and a supercharged V8 Jaguar XKR coupe.  The E Type Story is available from our Cotswolds site and includes 2 nights B&B accommodation locally.
We are offering a strictly limited number of 50 E Type Story packages for sale during 2011.  So buy now before they disappear.  For more details visit or call 01386 792056.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Eastern Promise

We've added a new location to The Getaway Driver's branch network.  Our new East Midlands site near Nottingham is perfect for touring the Derbyshire Dales or heading towards the unspoilt East Coast.  We've got seven popular classics on our new fleet, including great cars by Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Morris, Rolls Royce and MG.  They're all available to hire during the week or for the weekend with our luxury getaway packages.  They can also be hired for our driving experiences. 
The East Midlands is a good place to start a weekend because it is so easy to get to, and has some beautiful countryside on its doorstep.  Towards the east the countryside is all about big skies and expansive countryside and coast scenery, to the west it's all about stone-lined fields, dales and pretty valleys.  Our East Midlands tours string together the best of these features to suit your preferences and timescales.
You can find out more about our East Midlands fleet by visiting or call 01386 792056.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Your experience matters

Driving experiences.  Sipping an instant coffee in a cold nissan hut before hurtling around a damp race track in the middle of nowhere at the wheel of a tired Ferrari.  For £400 and two laps.
At The Getaway Driver that's not really our idea of fun.  The Getaway Driver is exactly what it says on the tin - we believe in the fun and excitement of really driving on real roads in great cars.  So we've created a load of new driving experiences that are all about just that.
The Getaway Driver Day, as the name suggests, is all about driving.  With a police pursuit driver in the passenger seat and the keys to a brilliant classic car like our Porsche 911 you'll learn how to drive quickly and safely on A roads and B roads. 
Ever wondered which Aston you'd buy when the time comes?  Ponder no more.  With our Aston Dilemma you can drive old and new, Aston DB6 coupe and DB9 Volante, and decide which you like best.  That's a day driving £250,000 worth of cars.
The Italians love cars and so do we.  The Getaway Driver's brand new Bella Italia package combines the best culinary and motoring delights of Britain's boot-shaped neighbour.
Spandex, Spandau and shoulder pads. Hmm, maybe not everything about the 1980s was great.  But they did make some fantastic cars during the decade that fashion forgot.  Relive the halcyon days of GTIs and rear wheel drive with our Back to the 80s experience.  Choose from our 1980s classic car fleet and hit the road. 
There is just something so wonderfully British about an open top car and country lanes.  Our Best of British Getaway brings those two things together.  Tour the countryside behind one of Britain's best sports cars - we provide the keys, the route and lunch.
Watch this space - more are on their way. Or call 01386 792056 for more details.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

There's something about an MG

The Getaway Driver is the legwork of two people - Graham Eason and Jamie Turner.  Jamie loves MGs, Graham's not so keen.  Despite the mutual suspicion thus created, Graham and Jamie managed to develop The Getaway Driver.  And somewhere along the line end up with a fleet of seven MGs.  That's 15% of all our cars.  We've got MGBs - five, count them -  and MGA and a  MGTD.

Quite how this happened is a bit of a mystery to all concerned.  And while it might seem like we're over-run by the popular Abingdon sports car, we do have 36 other cars as well, including Aston Martins, Jaguars, Jensens, Alfas, Rolls Royce and Triumphs.  If we stop and think about the MG conundrum the only answer has to be that this most popular of classic cars has got under our skin because it is so good.  Which may also explain why it is so popular with customers.

The MGB may be ubiquitous but the reason is obvious as soon as you spend a little time with one.  Firstly, it looks good, the Italianate styling hasn't particularly aged and is many people's definite idea of what a sports car should look like.  It's also comfortable, with big squishy seats and well placed controls.  The gearbox is easy and the handling and steering are solid and predictable.  Ok, so dynamically the MGB can be a little lacking thanks to aging suspension and an engine that prefers to idle rather than rev, but these are minor detractions.  Take an MGB our on an open road and there are few sports car that can touch it for sheer smiles per mile.

Meanwhile back at Getaway Towers, Graham is explaining away his mistake by claiming to have an open mind fresh to new experiences and opinions.  Yep, nice one.

To hire one of our MGBs for the weekend from one of our six UK locations call 01386 792056 or visit